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    無錫富超公司廠景  Fuchao Spray Dryer armed Ltd. has 26 years of experience in spray drying. At present, more than one thousand sets of equipments are in normal operation outside.
      Our company is equipped with modern production plant, the scientific quality assurance system, good quality of frontline workers. We have peer beyond technology in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, metallurgy, defense industry and other fields.
      Our company has passed the ISO9000 certification . we have four patents currently and we could be the leading position in terms of technology in counterparts. Users’ constantly new demand make us continue to improve technology. Strictly speaking, spray drying is composed of 70% experience and 30% technology. Every customer's requirements are different and we will try to meet customers’ requirements. “There is no best, only better” is our company's products aim.
    Wuxi Fuchao Spray Dryer armed Co., LTD.
    TEL:86-510-83383365  FAX:86-510-83396365  MAIL:zgf5518@126.com
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